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Mild Setback To Trunking Conditions

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

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Joe Curren Portfolio

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drift Magazine has a nice 15 page portfolio of Joe Curren's work, along with an interview up on the site. Interesting quote about Joe in his early years:
I spent a lot of time hanging around Tomís contests back then. At the time when I was around 5 or 6 years old, I was very, very hyperactive. I would wreak havoc at all the eventsórunning around, getting into trouble in various ways, maybe by throwing sand at people, et cetera. My brotherís friends would provoke me but I guess I was just also in my own world. Iím not sure why, but after I went through that hyper stage I eventually became pretty shy and didnít like the being the center of attention anymore.

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Stearns Wharf Ocean Temperature

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Stearns Wharf Near Shore Real-Time Temperature Website is back in the house. It was down for some time but you can get up to the minute temperatures online 24 hours a day at the easy web address See daily, weekly, or monthly graphs. You can even shiver in your boots as you see how the temp dipped down for the 4th of July weekend. Just in time to give those doing the no-wetsuits-allowed Semana Nautica 3 mile swim some hypothermia. Right now we are seeing a temperature of 61.2įF, a 7 day high.

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Rogue Wave Exhibit

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We mentioned it in last week's Edhat Surf Column, and the Independent covers it here too, it is the Anderson Art Collective's latest show, Rogue Wave, is going on in Carpinteria until August 2nd. Check it all out at 410 Palm Ave. near Carpinteria State Beach.

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Jon Shafer's Santa Barbara Surfer

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jon Shafer, who has been running Rincon Surf Blog for over a year, has announced on his blog the 2.0 version of his Whereas the site before was a message board for surfers to post their thoughts online, the 2.0 version has a nice splash screen reminiscent of the ASP and Surfermag sites, as well as sections for News, Events, Profiles, Photos, and Videos. The new site seems to be a continuation of Shafer's AloHawk section at as you can place advetisments on the site through Noozhawk. Like Noozhawk, the site was handsomely designed by PixelFive. Congratulatoins to Shafer on developing another fine site to serve surfers on the South Coast. We here at Santa Barbara Surfing look forward to reading some great content.

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Tommy, Bobby, Win Heats

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The much anticipated "Clash of the Icons" between Tom Curren and Occy went off in less than perfect conditions today. Tom Curren won the friendly heat with a couple of decent maneuvers on a couple of decent waves. JBay was closing out a little too much, there wasn't much in the way of tubes to be had, and it was so early in the morning that I don't think either surfer could fully see their next section. There is to be a 2nd heat between the two surfers before the Finals.

Bobby Martinez also had an excellent day, beating Roy Powers in Round 2 and Ben Dunn in Round 3. He advanced to the Quarterfinals against Joel Parkinson.

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Curren vs. Occy 10:15pm Tonight

Monday, July 13, 2009

Down at the Billabong Pro in JBay, Tom Curren is scheduled to take on Occy at 7:15am ZAF time, equating to Monday 10:15pm west coast time. The heat can be streamed here. Chances are Bobby Martinez's heat against Roy Powers will take place close to midnight west coast time.

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Closest Thing To Walking On Water

Friday, July 10, 2009

Saturday, July 11th from 6-10pm at Latitude Gallery is the Opening Reception for the exhibit "Closest Thing To Walking On Water," which will run from July 11-30. This is a show by surfing artists and art making surfers. It is a Surfrider benefit which gets 10% of sales. Live music by Travers Adler, Barefoot provides the wine and New Belgium busts out the beer.

Latitude Gallery
20 Helena Ave.
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

Opening Reception:
Saturday, July 11, 6-10PM

Shows runs Thursday to Saturdays 12-6pm and Sunday 11-5pm.

From the Press Release:
This exhibition highlights the work of surfing artists and art-making surfers. This breed of creative beings is united by their alternative lifestyle and the thrill of free expression, whether it is walking on water or pushing paint across paper. Our lack of words to define the excitement we get from such simple pleasures, as brushing our hand along the face of a curling wave, is what leads us to the universal language of visual imagery. We struggle to describe how it feels when time slows as we glide through a glowing green tube at sunrise, so we attempt to capture the tactile sensation through art, virtual and poetic representation. We seek the perfect means to express the inexpressible, be it with a slab of clay or a peeling right point break. Whether we make our art about surfing because we want to relive the moment or share the exhilaration of what it means to be alive, our passion for this activity translates into our work. With this show, we investigate what motivates us as surfers and artists to capture the physical act of surfing through a variety of art.

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Carp Skate Flicks

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The good folks in Carpinteria are banding together to get a skate park built. To that end they are having a Skate Video Contest followed by a Skate Flick Night.

First about the Flick night, it is on Saturday, July 25th at the Art Center, 855 Linden Ave. Music starts at 5:00 and movies start at dark=-thirty. Their will be pro skate movies as well as amateur movies from the Skate Video Contest. Bring a picnic (or buy some beer, wine, and tacos), a chair, a blanket, and get ready for Skate Mania. More info at

Second is the Skate Video Contest. This is for local skaters to put together a 5 minute skate video. 1st place gets $150, and the top entries will be shown at the Flick Night.

Submit To: Carpinteria Sports (1060 Casitas Plaza, 566-1800)
Deadline: 5 p.m. July 22nd
Format: DVD only
Profanity: None
Mentalness: Plenty

More info at

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Bobby in Brazil

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bobby Martinez has advanced to Round 4 at the ASP World Tour event in Brazil. He did it by beating Jihad Khodr and Phil MacDonald in Round 1 and Tiago Peres in Round 3. He will face rookie Hawaiian sensation Dustin Barca in Round 4. The heat won't be until tommorrow, sometime around 5am PDT if the contest is on. (Photo: Jeremy Flores © ASP/ CI/ Cestari via Getty Images)

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