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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

This weeks photo is courtesy of Chance which is from way back in February.

SB water quality testing on Monday showed good results. I guess the .05" of rainfall we had on Monday didn't effect things much. The Far Shore, which has played in SB twice in recent history is now out on DVD at the link above and also at Wetsand.

I'm putting together a list of surfing WAP enabled sites that are accessible by mobile phone and PDA. If you know of any surf sites that provide good wireless surf info feel free to email me and let me know.
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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Surf Report for Wednesday at Sands.

Santa Barbara Hikes is a very nicely put together website that has pretty detailed information about the Santa Barbara area hikes that are available. Probably a good site to reference if you want to avoid the spring doldrums in the Santa Barbara surfing world.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The 2nd Sub-Tropical Cyclone on record for April (Last time was 1992) has formed to the SW of Bermuda and after wavering on the thin line of cyclone status has finally been upgraded from sub-tropical to tropical. She is Tropical Storm Ana and although it's heading East and wouldn't bring swell for the East Coast (although the Azores are mentioned as possible swell targets), it's nice to see an early start to the "Hurricane" season for those cats on the right coast. Thus far us left coasters are stuck with a blown to bits South Swell.

It appears that Glen Henning and Co.'s Groundswell Society has a site up and running these days.

Surfline's March Wrap-up jives with the thoughts of SBS: "There were a only a handful of days with NW swell in the overhead range at the good spots, but NW winds did manage to hurt conditions for a good chunk of those days."
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Monday, April 21, 2003

New Report for Sunday in Pismo, and Saturday along the PCH.

We are getting swells from two directions right now, but the enemy the wind is shutting it all down. SBA has been seeing 22mph winds for most of the day.

Tomorrow night at UCSB is underwater photographer David Doubilet at Campbell hall at UCSB at 8:00.

The online version of locally grown Wetsand Magazine has quite a bit of new surf content up these days, and seems to be continuely evolving.
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Friday, April 18, 2003

Conditions right now are very blown out with whitecaps abounding. The water was re-sampled on Wednesday and all the beaches passed but Leadbetter still has a warning.

Tonight at SoHo is a concert by the Upbeat with "Peyote Suf Trip" opening for them. Once again, Brendan Aroyan gives a slide show on his Samoan Island trip. Also, some vintage Super8 films will be shown by Steve Miller. The event raises money for the surfrider foundation, and a $10 suggested donation is on a "sliding scale".
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Thursday, April 17, 2003

If you signed up on the National Park Service website to receive the Gaviota Coast Feasability Study, you should have recieved your copy in the mail by now . If not, you can read the short or the long version online. The summary, it seems, is that the NPS recommends against inclusion of Gaviota into the National Park System. Although it meets two of the requirement for a park because it contains resources which are "nationally significant" and not presently represented in the existing parks, it is not currently a feasable addition due to landowner opposition and budgetary matters. Public comments are still accepted until July 18 and there will be meetings the 2nd week of May.

Thus, far the Orange County developers have not gotten a foothold in the Gaviota Coast. There are the "McMansions" and the Dos Pueblos Golf Links proposals which have surfaced in the last few years, but no soil has been broken (save Bacara). The current landowners spoke of wanting to be their own stewards of their land and not having "the man" come in and do it for them. As a fan of personal rights to liberty and property I respect that point of view and can only hope they can be kept to their word. There is no recourse if we do see "Ocean's Meadow" and other horribly named cookie cutter housing projects out there in a generation (I made that one up, isn't it easy). However, having 4mpg RV's with Satelite dishes on them roving this gem of a coastline is no better, not to mention having the Federal Government manage what once was an unspoiled stretch of private land. So what do we do now? Enjoy ourselves as much as we can on this coast, and put our faith in the landowners who promised us stewardship.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

New report for Wednesday.

Water quality results from Monday's sampling are out. No closures but 8 beaches with warnings.
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Monday, April 14, 2003

New Report from Saturday at County Line.

If you think the water is brown out there after this storm that came through, check out this foto of Picuruta Salazar surfing the Amazon River's tidal bore.

3 takes on the potential of the storm that was off of New Zealand this weekend that is "forecasted" to bring waves next week.

Surfline: "The Southern Pacific Ocean has really begun to come alive lately as we have moved into the south-of-the-equator fall season. For the past few days Surfline's Forecast Team has been watching a whole slew of storms churning through the mid- and upper-latitudes of the southern ocean, which have been generating an impressive amount of swell activity for the Mainland Mexico and Central America regions. We are counting at least four different swells right now that will keep the surf rolling for a good portion of April, while a couple of those swells have the potential to produce some very large surf. Wave-wise, it will be a good time to be down there."

Wetsand: Monday the 21st through Wednesday the 23rd we will be seeing a fairly strong SW swell move through the region. This is from a a fairly large system forming in the southern hemisphere. We’ve been watching this system for days, and are quite impressed with its size. We’re not expecting any adverse NW around this time frame, and all models favor a massive swath of SW energy headed our way.

StormSurf: "This storm is looking to be solid but not spectacular. Of most interest is that the fetch area is to travel almost right up the 204 degree great circle path to California and reach fairly well into the northern regions of the South Pacific Ocean (to 43S), improving the possibility for the creation of virtual fetch. This in turn could generate a better than average number of waves per set and improve set consistency too. Will verify this possibility when we run the calculations for swell arrival time (after the storm has faded). On the negative side is the readings from the ERS-2 satellite, indicating seas about 3 ft smaller than what was modeled by the Wavewatch-3 wavemodel (as usual). Still, 35 ft seas are decent. Will continue monitoring."
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Friday, April 11, 2003

Friday's Report
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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

New Report for some Tuesday Longboarding.

Stick a fork in the winter. Sites like Blakestah have already gone into hibernation until next September. Santa Barbara Surfing will attempt to amuse itself this summer by tracking the Hurricane season, which NOAA says officially starts on May 15. Last Summer, Hurricane Alma got fired up on May 26, and that was a fun one.

CoreFlix is a NetFlix knock-off that provides surfing and other "action sports" DVD's for rent online. $17.95 for all the DVD's you want a month. I'm curious if they can make there business model work, that seems like a lotta money to try to squeeze out of bunch of surfers.
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Monday, April 07, 2003

The site looked like dog in Netscape/Mozilla today but I think that is fixed. I gotta admit, it still looks better in Internet Exploiter right now, but in the interest of the anti-microsoft world I'll try to get it looking better in Mozilla soon. As it is now everything is in the right position but we got some wacky font action going on in Mozilla. Special thanks to Rafael for checking the site out in numerous browsers and operating systems and filling me in on the bugs.

There is supposed to be some south in the water but an evening check in North Goleta showed only very, very clean ankle slappers.

An interesting article ran in the Los Angeles Times on Saturday about Roxy getting into publishing books for girls. It ponders the connection of marketing in the literary world. The author they commisoned to write the series is Francess Lantz from Santa Barbara.
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Sunday, April 06, 2003

New Report for Saturday.

Check out Santa Barbara Surfing's new look. If you see any problems in your browser, give me an email. This new look is entirely free of tables and relies heavily on css which I hope to integrate into the other parts of the site slowly. The picture on the top of the site this week is one Pope took a few weeks ago of Kristi setting up for some severe shredding at a mysto Montecito spot.

It's been about 1 year since Pope took over SBS when Tim headed out East. An "about" page is in the works, but for those that have just discovered the site, here's a little review: Tim Maddux started this site in 1995 as a place to keep all of his surf reports that were on usenet. All content prior to 2002 is Tim's. Pope inherited the site in April of 2002 and started to post regular surf reports in October of 2002. Tim was a major fan of making this an "open content" site and that is the way it will stay. All external plugs and links Pope doles out are for keeping the local surf community up on what's going on. Readers tips, hints, and suggested links are always appreciated and Pope will enthusiastically post your pictures, stories, and shameless self promotion as long as it has something do with at least one of the following three words: Santa Barbara Surfing.

That said, I have a few links from this last week that are worth noting:

An example of a link I enjoying posting:

Gabriel is an artist from Humboldt County working independently with a local shaper to make custom designs for surfboards. Check out his Custom Surfboard Designs page. He likens what he does to a tattoo artist, but for surfboards.

An example of a link I will not post:
"Greetings! I love your Santa Barbara Surfing website; I have to say I think you did an awesome job with the site. Speaking of beach fun, I wanted to let you know about Howard Stern’s new show ‘Son of the Beach’. It’s a parody on Baywatch and is extremely hilarious!I wanted to let you know that I am starting a brand new team for the Son of the Beach DVD Release. It will be called the Son of the Beach DVD Official Online Team and you can join now by going to my site I was wondering if you would be willing to host a link to the team on your website? I think it would also be great content for your site if you threw up a little commentary of the series as well. If you are a Son of the Beach fan, sign up and get involved in promoting the DVD release! You can win all kinds of merchandise for helping to spread the word, such as t-shirts, hats, photos and DVDs. Plus, more team exclusives are in the works such as audio and video clips, possible chats and IM sessions with the cast and more. We also have high quality photos and assets especially for webmasters."

Companies targeting small websites to do their marketing for them is on the rise these days, but I think for the most part people aren't buying it. The readers of Santa Barbara Surfing can be rest assured that SBS will always stay grassroots and low profile, avoiding unnecessary exclamation points and capital letters.
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