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Swell Week

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Summary of Last Weeks Surf
Santa Barbara has had head high and up surf for the last week straight, and here's the wrapup through one person's eyes. Monday morning started out with a dawn patrol at Campus Point in slightly overhead conditions. Tuesday's dawn patrol was near the harbor in waist high peeling pipes. Tuesday afternoon was a session along the Gaviota Coast that was about head high. Wednesday morning the Winter Solstice Swell came in, with the Harvest Buoy ringing in 17 feet at 17 seconds at 270 degrees. Everywhere was afire, and people flocked the points and sheltered coves. The Wednesday morning session is along the Montecito Coast in overhead yet not very clean conditions. Thursday the size dropped and the chop stayed, for another session along the Montecito Coast. Friday the size dropped even more and the chop grew worse for a 3rd Montecito Coast session. Saturday's Christmas Eve session was shoulder to head head high Rincon with conditions cleaning up. Sunday was Christmas Day, a new pulse came in to the coast but there is no report. Monday was the first day of Hanukkah and another session at Rincon in head high plus conditions.

Thanks for all of the submittals of photos and videos from the big swell. Here are the photos and videos that are hosted elsewhere, we're working on getting the emailed pics up here too. Dubock photo above and more here, here, here, here and on Dec 25. Some photos from the greater Santa Monica area. Noah Schultz has some local shots up on his website also. Here is a video of a break near the harbor. Here is a video from Orange County called Going Off Now.
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Winter Solstice Swell

Thursday, December 22, 2005

It may take a short while to properly represent how the Winter Solstice Swell hit the shores of Santa Barbara County, but we'll start with a few links and hope to add updates.

Don spliced together some footage he took of the greater Campus Point Area.
The photo up above is by Pope of some big faces at in Montecito. The picture to the right is by pope of Deveraux at 4:00. That is about how many people successfully paddled out, as most were swept hundreds of yards down shore before calling it quits. Any media outlet you turn to, including national coverage like NPR has covered the swell, and closer to home The LA Times and the VC Star have stories up.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

6'5" DJ Progressive for sale in the classifieds.
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Wetsuit For Sale

Monday, December 19, 2005

Marshall is selling a used only once Rip Curl E-Bomb, 4/3 for $220 in the classifieds.

Photos and Videos
If for some reason you happen to capture still or video footage of waves and waveriders during the middle of this week and want to share it, we will find a way to post it on the site if you email.
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Between Swells

Friday, December 16, 2005

Surf Reports
Saturday was a pretty small day, but surfing with Wild Bill along the Central Coast was good. Sunday is when the much anticipated swell came in, and a report from a Central Coast sheltered spot covers it. Monday morning the swell was still hanging around, although not in town as much as expected, so Deveraux/Sands was the location. Tuesday the swell dropped to disapointing levels but surprisingly Friday was a highly rewarding session. Dubock Photo: Adam Lambert last weekends Steamer Lane NSSA contest. More Dubock photos from the Lane are here, here and here. Dubock also has some shots of Chris Keets at Rincon up here and here as well as other local shots here and here.

Surfing Product Reviews
After 45 sessions in two suits, the Rip Curl Bomb Review is finally out in time for the Holidays. Summary: heavy on the marketing yet still a good suit.
Rip Curl suits are still the most flexible and warm suits I've ever surfed with, and their warranty department is top notch. The Bomb builds on the Ultimate Elasto base, adding a few features and improving on the suit. However, don't buy into all the hype, some of their additions this year (like the hydrophobic neoprene) don't really work. Still I'm very impressed with the suit, and besides the Aquaban falling apart this suit is a good investment. (read more)

Local Plugs
Local Photographer Nick Presniakov just got back from the North Shore and has some photos up on his site for viewing and purchasing along with local shots too. Via surfline we discover what one of our favorite local surfers is up to. It seems Bobby Morris has signed up with Glas, which has a nice little vid of the yellow board bobby surfing at his haunt this summer.
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Thursday, December 08, 2005

New reports from a small weekend in town, Saturday along the Mesa, and Sunday at Sands followed by decent waves Wednesday at Sands and Thursday at Sands.

Jeff is looking to locally buy a used kneeboard in the classifieds.

Clark Foam
The Great Foam Crisis of 2005 continues, it is not possible to interact with another surfer without hearing rumors of price gouging and the end times. The Ventura County Star has an article in today's paper as does the SB NewsPress.

Surfboard shaper Dave Johnson is calling it "black Monday. In 38 years in the surfboard making industry, he's never seen shapers and sellers of surfboards more wiped out than they are over Monday's unexpected closure of Clark Foam, the leading manufacturer of foam blanks for surfboard construction.
The CI shop raised their prices at least $100 and put a 2 board limit on purchases to stop people from piling up on boards and re-selling them for a profit. Up in Goleta, Surf Country has taken a clean headed approach by so far not raising prices and has no plans to raise prices unless their shapers do so.

WQS 2005 Final Results of Local Interest
002. Bobby Martinez - Santa Barbara
093. Tom Curren - Santa Barbara
179. Dane Reynolds - Ventura
209. Tim Curran - Oxnard
210. Bobby Morris - Goleta
370. Tyler Anderson - Goleta
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Surfing Shockers

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A few shockers in the surfing world lately, the first being the death of Malik Joyeux, a tahitian pro surfer with a great attitude who died at Pipeline on Friday. Eric Akiskalian of, has provided an image to honor his friend Malik, seen mastering Teahupoo a few months ago.

The other shocker is the news/rumor that Clark Foam shut it's doors on Monday. How this will play out in the raging battle of hand shaped boards vs pop-outs, poly vs. epoxy is unknown, as well as the impacts local shapers will feel. From big-wigs like Al Merrick to up and coming shapers like Jason Feist, the impacts will be hard to avoid.

A nice 7' CI Tuflite for sale in the classifieds.
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December Rain

Friday, December 02, 2005

New Reports
New reports from Thanksgiving Weekend and Beyond.
Started out longboarding small conditions with family in Ventura on Thanksgiving, followed by more longboarding in building conditions on Friday in Ventura. Saturday in Ventura the swell filled in and the Fish was chosen. Catching the tail end of the swell on Monday at Sands, and the begginning of the next swell on Wednesday at Sands. Photo: Dubock at Rincon on Sunday.

Stolen Board
Santa Cruz County. Thanksgiving. Two long boards both 9’6
1) Surftec Robert August two tone wood “the one I ride” model
2) Pearson arrow white with green- Signed by Bob “For Eric”
Reward – no questions asked! Eric 707.964.4184 or

Surf Photos/Randy Cone
Photos from Sunday at Campus Point are up on the Surf Country site. You can see the owner, Doug Yartz, on his fire truck red custom designed Randy Cone "Grouper." Speaking of Randy Cone, how has that guy escaped out attention these last few years? Cone, who used to shape on Fairview Ave before moving up North, has built himself a nice niche in the Mavericks world, both surfing and shaping there. Here is a photo of Randy Cone during last years Mavericks Contest, and he is on the invite list for the 2006 Mavericks contest too.

North Shore Update
Bobby Martinez lost his first heat at the 2nd event of the Triple Crown, and the last event of the 2005 WQS season. No word on when we'll next see him surfing, the WCT doesn't start up until March 2006, so he should surf some WQS events in January and February. Bobby's #2 placing isn't locked though, up to 5 guys can bump him down a spot or two if they do well at Sunset. SB surfer Brian A. was on the North Shore a few days ago during the Haleiwa contest and provides this photo from down the road at Pipeline.

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