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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Surf Happens Campus Point Event
Surf Happens is teaming up in conjunction with Tri-Delta to host a special surf contest Saturday November 18th @ Campus Point benefiting St. Judes Hospital and children's cancer research. It is $20 to enter and all proceeds are going directly to the cause. Registration starts at 7:30am with the first heat paddling out at 8:00am.

The divisions are as follows: (if enough interest is expressed in advance by kids 10 and under or other age specific divisions we can make additional divisions )

Youth: 14 and under
Juniors: 17 and under
Longboard: All ages
Mens Open: All Ages
Womens: All Ages
Body Boarding: All Ages

The event will feature some pretty sweet prizes, and the entire Tri-Delta sorority will be on hand to help run the show. Let me know if you are available to come down, and please send this to anyone that you think will be interested. For pre-registration email Chris at

Raider Nation
Looks like local surfing hero Bobby Martinez is something of a life long Raider fan according to this article and video on Good thing Bobby's surfing record doesn't mirror that of his favorite football team (2-7). One really has to appreciate Bobby's uniqueness here, when his fellow surfers are posing as rock stars on stage, he's getting himself on the field at football games.

Yesterday's Surge Wave
The LA Times has a tidbit about the surge wave that hit the Pacific Coast yesterday all the way down to Port San Luis.
Surges were observed from Port San Luis on the Central California coast to the Oregon border. In Crescent City, about 20 miles south of the Oregon border, harbor workers noticed a fast-moving current around mid-afternoon that harbormaster Richard Young described as a "river within the ocean." As the surge rushed out of the harbor, workers noticed that two floating docks in the inner basin were destroyed, Young said.

The Bachelor Casting Call
I could not make this up.
I am a casting producer with ABC's hit show "The Bachelor" and I am on the lookout for outstanding accomplished women who are surfers ! I would love to specially invite members of the Santa Barbara surfing to a casting event this Friday, Nov. 17th in Santa Barbara. Women must be 21 and, of course, single in order to be considered. View the flyer here.

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