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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rookie Bobby Martinez draws veteran Mark Occhilupo in heat #11 of Round Two which should happen around 7:30PM our time.

The paddleboard that was for sale in the classifieds has been sold.
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Rainy Evening Updates

Monday, February 27, 2006

Bobby's First Heat
Bobby surfed well in his first ever heat on the World Championship Tour, although he ended up in 3rd out of 3 in round 1. The waves were peaky windswell lines, some connecting nicely but many sectioning out. His first wave of the tour this year was a nice chest high wave that he made two huge backside vertical snaps, but he fell on the 2nd snap. He never led in the heat but on his second wave he had at least four more powerful backside vertical smacks which was good for a 6.0 score. His 3rd wave was a nice barrel in front of the rocks but wasn't enough to move him up in the rankings, as were the rest of his waves. Since Round 1 isn't an elimination round, he'll face someone in a man on man heat in Round 2, which could be around the same time tomorrow.

Surf Book
A new book is out called Surfings Greatest Misadventures that is available for sale on Amazon.

The paddleboard for sale in the classifieds now has pictures attached.

It was too good to be true, our seemingly endless string of swells dating back to before the new year is but a memory now. Now with SW energy in the water we wonder if we really should starting thinking about spring in Santa Barbara: cold water and windy conditions. However if it's going to be flat, at least we're stoked the rain is giving us some sand.
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WCT Gold Coast

The 1st event of the WCT tour has been given the green light today, the first day of the waiting period. The first heat will hit the water at 2:00PM our time and an educated guess has Bobby Martinez's heat around 8:00PM our time. You can check out the contest site, the heat results, and the live feed.
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Surfless Surf Filled Day

Friday, February 24, 2006

Surf Contest and Surf Movie
The NSSA Gold Coast Explorer will hold a surf contest this Saturday at Campus Point. Expect to see some solid performances by Goleta's Colin Schildhauer, SB's Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin and Adam Lambert, along with Venturans Corry Arrambide and Spencer Regan, and in the women's division Ojai's Sage Erickson. Let's hope they have lots of quarters for the meters.

To cap off the surf filled day (without surf) will be the film Destination Point at Victoria Theatre Hall.

Classified Add
Steve his selling his 14' PowerGlide epoxy paddleboard for $900 obo in the classifieds.

WCT Event #1
Bobby Martinez's first event on the WCT begins for him Tuesday, February 28th if conditions permit. The heat sheet is out and he is in Heat #13 surfing against Jake Paterson of Australia and Raoni Monteiro of Brasil.

Tour of California
Since waves are predicted in the ankle high range this weekend, why not take in the excitement of the Tour of California cycling race, arriving in town on Friday at 2:00pm and leaving on Saturday at 10:00am. Plan your in town travel accordingly.
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Friday, February 17, 2006

A-Frame Presidents Day Sale
A-Frame Surf Shop down at 3785 Santa Claus Lane is having a big sale this weekend with stuff 20%-70% off. Sale is Saturday thru Monday.

Surfing Product Review
A new product review is up, this one thanks to Don for hooking us up with some stuff to try out. Chief Firewater Review

Discount Surf Magazines
Surfer Magazine has a pretty good deal right now, $10 for a year and a free shirt. Also, another good way to get cheap surf mags is on ebay. Surfer as low as $7.97, Surfing as low as $4.89. Transworld Surf as low as $3.79.

Destination Point
Don't forget that the surf flick Destination Point featuring locals like Martinez and Curren is showing next Saturday the 25th at Victoria Theatre Hall. The on-line pre-ordering system is better since we last posted about this movie, now you can actually choose the city and time. It is verified to work, your ticket will be held in your name at will call. Also, Surfline has a trailer. We have a special guest review of the movie from JM in San Diego:

Destination Point in La Jolla, February 16, 2006. It's an entertaining film with some incredible footage of Bobby Martinez killing it at Rincon and a host of other VTA and Santa Barbara spots, as well as Dane Reynolds and the Malloy brothers doing their thing in the same locales. Along with those standouts, was the same old stuff from Slater and Curren (yawn), but the Irons' footage was refreshing and covered many countries, as well at Ratboy performing his vermin-like maneuvers over-and-over in Santa Cruz. And what's a surf flick without an Occy segment of him doing dozens of snaps on a right pointbreak?

The movie highlighted Santa Barbara's sandspit, logging minutes of ridiculously fast, hard-to-get-into rights, along with Rincon, as the camera angle would often be at a scale that would make you think you were watching a machine-made wave that just wouldn't quit. The footage also included mainland Mexico and those coldwater big wave spots that we've seen so much of, along with the obligatory Indo spots.

There was absolutely no storyline which harkens back to my early days watching snowboard videos; just solid coverage coupled with a solid soundtrack which varied from mild to punk. Another old school technique was the grainy quality of the footage, often in black and white, which made me wonder if the quality of equipment ("Filmed in High Definition") used was simply mediocre, or the filmmaker was encouraging the viewer to focus on the surfing, rather than foam hats, guitars, and dirt roads. Either way, the film worked, as my attention was held along with that of the audience which was equally enthusiastic.

Out of 4 Stars…
Quality of Footage- 3 Stars
Soundtrack- 3 Stars
Storyline- N/A
Band before the film ("Superunloaded") – 4 Stars
Schwag Giveaway – 2 Stars (1 longboard skateboard and 3 hats, come on guys…)
Overall Experience- 3 Stars

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Rincon Classic Postponed

Thursday, February 16, 2006


The 12th of February brought a fun Sunday swell, and the 13th of February was a dawn patrol at the same spot. The Valentine's Day Session had similar size yet more mess.

Rincon Classic Postponed
The 2006 Rincon Classic has been postponed for a second time until the next waiting weekend of Saturday and Sunday March 11 & 12. Once again the official surf report from our sources is calling for poor surf in the waist to possibly chest high range with high winds and low interval periods prevailing. This forecast alongside the predictions of a strong possibility for rain made the decision an easy one.

IV Parking Plan

The Daily Nexus had an update about the IV Parking Plan and the Surfrider Foundation gives us Brooks Firestone's email:

Beach Access

The CCC has a public questionnaire about access to a few beaches in Santa Barbara County that you can fill out and send in. There is a chance that the public has used some of these routes long enough that they can permanently become available, without fear of trespass. This is a sensitive issue, as it pits property rights vs. beach access. We here at SBS are by no means endorsing the government seizure of property rights, and neither are we endorsing landowners harassment of beachgoers. Hopefully something can be arranged that protects the landowner's rights and yet allows beachgoers a legal way to visit the beach. You can read about it and fill out the forms for the two beaches in question are at this CCC page.
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A Tale of Two Twelths

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sunday, February 12th, 2006 brought a pretty nice swell to Santa Barbara. Head high clean lines coming in from the West lit up our stomping grounds. Meanwhile, the East Coast was getting the Blizzard of the Year, and waves to boot.

West Coast.
34 photos taken at Santa Barbara Harbor. Although head high conditions were elsewhere, these groms were honing their skills in small yet barreling conditions. No wonder one can't just waltz into this lineup on a good day and expect to pull in much.


East Coast
Forwarded from a SBS friend is this snow filled video from the same day but on the opposite coast, putting us and our head high 75 degree day to shame. Click the image below for the quicktime video.

More Local Sad News
Mike Fraley , a local Rincon surfer , age 50 , passed away on Weds. Feb. 8th at nearby Hobson's reef. Mike suffered a massive heart attack and died on his board. His two friends worked feverishly to administer CPR on shore until paramedics arrived but his big heart never responded. Mike surfed all the best spots up and down the central coast and was full of stoke and the Aloha spirit. His favorite spots were in Oxnard, Ventura , and Santa Barbara where he could be seen surfing with his two sons or a few of his many friends. Mike lived near Rincon in Carpinteria with his wife Laura and three sons, Mason 15 , Logan 13 , and Marshall 10 months.

Mike was a top finisher in past Rincon Classic surf contests, along with his son Logan, in their respective divisions. He will be sorely missed in this surf community and by me , his youngest brother who he taught to surf when we were teenagers in Orange County. I loved this man . He was a true brother .

A service and paddle-out are planned for Thursday, Feb. 16th at 4pm at backside Rincon. Donations will be accepted at Montecito Bank & Trust in his name to help his wife and kids in this difficult time. Aloha , Brett.

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Campus Point Parking

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Surf Reports from Late January, Early February
Older Reports that have no details whatsoever:
Friday, January 27: Sands
Saturday, January 28: Rincon
Sunday, January 29: Rincon
Monday, January 30: Sands
Wednesday, February 1: Sands

Newer Reports that actually might have detail:
Thursday, February 2: Sands
Friday, February 3: Mesa
Saturday, February 4: Rincon
Sunday, February 5: Sands and Deveraux
Tuesday, February 7: Gaviota Coast
Wednesday, February 8: Montecito Coast
Thursday, February 9: Sands

Campus Point Parking
Peter gives the lowdown on the the doubling of parking fees at UCSB's Campus Point:
In case you haven't already heard the metered parking rates at UCSB Campus Point doubled overnight from 10 min per quarter to 5 min per quarter. This effects mostly non-student surfers and the community that uses the beach during the week. Did you hear anything about this before it was implemented? Did UCSB consult with the community before doubling the parking rates? Me and everyone out there yesterday were steamed. I needed 18 quarters to surf for an hour and a half! Some good ones though.
If anybody has any other info about the doubling of parking fees, such as if UCSB had warned this would happen or had asked for public comment, please send in what you know.

Paddle Out

There were 103 surfers at the Paddle Out for Michelle Housego that took place a few weekends ago. That's a great showing from the local surfing community.
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Solitude, JC Penny, Instinct, and Glenn Henning

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Surf Movie
Bobby Martinez is featured along with Curren, Slater, and Irons' in a new surf film by One Drop Entertainment titled Destination Point. It will show here in Santa Barbara Saturday, February 25th at Victoria Theatre Hall. Shows at 7:00 and 9:00. Pre-sale tickets are available online for $8 each at

Shaun Tomson
Just last week it was announced that Shaun's clothing company, Solitude, would be sold across the nation at JC Penny. Shhh.... don't tell Glen Hening, who continued on his ranting streak last week with an appearance at UCSB's Campbell Hall. ST was in attendance and apparently yelled aloud his own name to add to Glenn's ever growing list of Surfing Wreckers. Then this week we hear that Shaun regained the rights to market Instinct, and we'll be seeing some retro Instinct gear coming soon.
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Real Time Temperature Data

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The greatest improvement for surf-data hounds is here. Thanks to a guy named Kirk, we all know about, which provides RealTime sea temperature, salinity and clarity at Stearns Wharf in downtown Santa Barbara. Never again will you wonder why you couldn't turn the key to your car door after a dawn patrol. See it linked forever in the "tools" section to your left. In related water temperature news, we here at Santa Barbara Surfing have noticed it's felt like a pretty warm winter so far in the water, judging by the amount of neoprene we've had (or rather haven't had) to put on so far this winter.


Also, the contest is on today at Mavericks. $7.99 to stream it on that site, or free here.
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Thursday, February 02, 2006

More local ocean nature stories today. ABC and KYTD are carrying stories about a whale breaching off of Stearns Wharf and landing on a Bayliner, then continuing to land on the boat 2 more times. You can hear the KTYD interview (if you can handle morning shows) here or watch the ABC story (if you can handle TV news) here.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jeff adds a 3rd data point on the elephant seal in Santa Barbara County:
A few days before you saw him, I was surfing just north of Refugio close to dark. After catching one all the way to the inside, I turned to paddle back out, and a HUGE mass rose out of the water, and started toward me. This guy was within a foot or so of me, and decided to get out of the water. I looked back and realized it was an elephant seal; he headed for the guys I was surfing with, and swam close to them before continuing up the coast.
In other nature news, a Snowy Plover Docent reveals that this year there are 312 Snowy Plovers out at Sands, the most since the program started from zero in 2000. Lately they've been flying around in big flocks doing high speed fly-bys of surfers in the lineup. They are a blur of white until they turn in unison to show a blur of brown. So far no reported incidents of collisions with surfers.

An out of towner writes in to thank Santa Barbara surfers for not dropping in on him:
I caught Rincon during the afternoon of Jan 3rd after chasing the swell down from Santa Cruz. As primarily a kneeboarder, I've always enjoyed the possibility of a long ride and I caught a set wave from just north of the creek mouth all the way to the highway. No one dropped in on me and everyone was supportive. Many thanx to everyone down your way.

The 10th and final Rincon Clean Water Classic surf contest will be held March 3 & 4, 2005.

Scott tips us to an Australian site where you can bet on WCT surfers. Currently Mr. Bobby Martinez has 81:1 odds, much better than the 401:1 that Nunes has but not as good as the 3.25:1 odds that Andy Irons has.
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