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Hanukkah Swell Photos

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Some photos are starting to trickle in from this swell (note: this post will update a few times with new links in reverse order). Feel free to compliment the photographers if you like the shots, and if you see yourself or someone you know let them know, you might get a copy.

Updates December 13

Anthony of Liquid Pix Photography shot a mere 140 photos at Sandspit on Wednesday also. One of his photos to the right. Between all of the photographers we've gotten photos of from Sandspit on Wednesday, we may have every wave covered.

Correction Confusion: A reliable reader thinks Photo #2 of 'Slater' below is actually Santa Barbara's Chris Brown. If that is the case, then Photo #1 is also. Then we started to think maybe Photo #3 isn't Slater either. Pro Surfer Hounds are advised to comment.

Slater mania continues, with Steve tipping off of two videos with Slater in them surfing here last week on Surfline, Video 1 and Video 2.

Bo Criss redesigned his main page for this swell, and added a ton of photos to his Dec 4 photos when we were out with him. He also has photos from Rincon on Dec 5.

Updates December 11, Noon

Jon Shafer took the photo to the right of Kelly Slater on the beach at Sandspit. Also, as a correction, there are some photos of Slater riding some waves, taken by Jen at the Spit: Photo 1, Photo 2 , and Photo 3.

Ron was also out shooting at Sandspit on Wednesday in some photos on his SmugMug site (our favorite here.) He also has some shots from Rincon on Wednesday as well as other breaks nearby (our favorite here).

Tom from Spectral Photography has some photos up from last Wednesday in the Goleta area on the bottom of his surfing page, or start here and keeping hitting next. Nice drop here.

Updates December 10, Noon

Jon Shafer of Rincon Surf Blog has some more photos online, these ones are from Sandspit on Wednesday. He has the 3rd photo we've seen of Slater in Santa Barbara, and we've still yet to see a photo of him on a wave.

We've linked to David's Powdrell's photos earlier, but he has two more pages of photos up at SmugMug, now Page 2 and Page 3. We really like David's photos for showing how consitently big Rincon was, and that people were pulling off some big waves. David is happy to send photos to people who see themselves in his shots.

Our first link to some water shots from this swell, this courtesy of Morgan, who contributes photos and videos to the site quite often and has his Big Wednesday Flickr Set. Morgan posted up in the channel at Sandspit, took a few on the head, got sucked into the Harbor, but ended up shooting Tom Curren among others.

Jen has some great photos of 'Wednesdays Pro Party' including this sick tunnel. Jen as also added some from Rincon and sunset at the 'spit.

Updates December 7, Noon

Tom Mondugno from Goleta Surfing has some photos from Tuesday Campus Point which we've added to the online gallery. He also has a lot more on his site and some a storyin in the Valley Voice today. In addition he adds some story to the day at Campus:
Tuesday at Campus was a circus. Broken boards littered the beach, bodies littered the lineup, the parking was a joke and a crowd was on the cliff at the point. And then the great one, Kelly, descended upon us, only to get smashed by a good old Goleta closeout. Great entertainment all around.
Andre has put up a great webpage with his photos on it, titled First Big Winter Swell, which covers Goleta and IV Surf spots in a well documented exploration of December 4 and 5, 2007. Our award for most well displayed photoessay of the swell.

Fallout from the big swell: a reader has a softop for sale.

Updates December 6, 5:00pm:

Jon Shafer has some photos from Wednesday at Rincon.

Paul has some photos up on his site of Leadbetter and the harbor area.

Cody Duncan has some more photos, this time of Sandspit with names such as Yadin Nicol and Kelly Slater.

Theo has some shots up from Rincon on Wednesday also.

Also, this from Travis:
Lost board at Devereux: 6ft Randy Cone, double wing swallow with rainbow spears on the deck. Travis Bower 687-6583

Updates December 5, 5:00pm:

Tim Halberg is a wedding photographer who got talked into shooting the waves at Rincon this morning. The results are outstanding, although Tim was a rookie at surf photography he captured some nice Rincon essence. A few photos are on his blog, and you can view them all in his gallery.

That brings us over to Tim's buddy Cody Duncan, who is also a photographer out at Rincon and his photos on his blog. Beside these dawn patrol photos, he has some from the evening before.

Photos Pope took of Poles around 9:45 this morning in a 3 minute photo shoot. That is Callie Bowdish of on that long wave.

Speaking of Callie Bowdish, here are some photos she took of Sandspit yesterday. There are some sick shots in there. She also has a few shots up from Deveraux yesterday.

We've started a Web Album from the readers submissions. So far we've got two from Kathy of Campus Point and Goleta Beach.

Also note here are some links to some more photos that Edhat has. Leadbetter broken board, David Powdrell's photos are some of the best at showing the sheer size, Rincon Photos has some photos of a few sleepy places that were not sleepy during the swell, some sunset shots further East, and more Dec 4 photos here and here. Ian Miley at Campus Point, and Edhat's Leadbetter shots. Some great stuff.

San Diego friend of the site Mario Covic, has some shots up from Swamis today.

Yesterday's photos from Bo Criss further to the West.

It seems around this time every year you see some cliche photo caption of "Joe Schmoo unwraps his Christmas present at Rincon." We're going beyond that. We want a caption that says "Joe Schmoo unwraps his Hanukkah present at Rincon." Make it happen.

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