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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bobby Martinez At Bells
Our previous news had Bobby making it all the way to the semifinals at WCT Event #2. There he lost to Bede Durbidge in some inconsistent conditions. Bobby's previously successful plan of being patient and waiting for a good wave or two didn't work in this heat, as a good wave or two never came. The usually beaming Martinez was visually disappointed in his post contest interview but he always stays classy. His overall standing should move up from 17 to 9th or better after the results are posted. His next event isn't until May 8th in Tahiti, which he won two years ago.

Wet Wednesday Mishap
Windy conditions wrecked havoc at last nights Wet Wednesday sailing race off of the Santa Barbara harbor. A few boats flipped and one man is still missing. This is the second time in two weeks that a search and rescue operation has been run to find a local sailor gone missing. Let's hope our fellow water friend is found OK.

Local Online Content
Tom at Goleta Surfing has an Easter Sunday surf gallery up on his site of waves at Sands. He's also put up a slideshow on youtube of this seasons waves.

Morgan also has a youtube video up, this of Slater surfing Rincon in February. Check out the crazy burn Slater does to a longboarder.

4th Annual Yates Contest
The 4th Annual Brandon Yates Memorial will be held this year on Sunday June 8th, so mark your calendars.
If you don't already know, this is the ONLY surf contest allowed to take place at Emma Wood State Beach. This is a BENEFIT to raise skin cancer awareness and to donate 100% of proceeds to cancer research in Brandon's name. This benefit runs purely on donations. Donations of time, blood, sweat, tears and wonderful product.

Each year we have had a different and unique format. This year we will feature a traditional contest AS WELL AS a fun for all team format limited to 6, 6 man (or woman) teams. Divisions are: Groms(13 and under) Juniors(14-19) Mens (20 +) Pro/Am (Open) and the aforementioned team event.

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Bobby Martinez Back In Form

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

After an equal 17th finish in the 1st contest of the year, local surfer Bobby Martinez is doing well in event #2 at Bells Beach on the ASP World Tour. He won his Round 1 heat vs. Luke Munro and Royden Bryson to advance to Round 3. In Round 3 he defeated Aussie Jay Thompson, and in Round 4 he defeated Frenchman Jeremy Flores. He then went on and defeated reigning world champion Mick Fanning in the Quarterfinals. He is slated to surf against Bede Durbidge in the Semi-Finals which should take place around 5:45pm Pacific Time today. Details and live streaming available on the Rip Curl site. Dane Reynolds also made the quarterfinals against Taj Burrow.

Some good quotables from Bobby yesterday:
Martinez caught three waves to Flores’ nine, but found enough points on his selective rides to advance 16.33 to 13.10 over the Frenchman. Flores finished equal 3rd in the first event of the year while Martinez was forced out at equal 17th.

“Sure, Jeremy having a good event at the Gold Coast motivated me, but I could have been in the 33rd Round and been motivated no matter who I got because I haven’t had a good year yet,” Martinez said. “I just want to try my best and get a good start. It don’t matter who I got or what round I’m in, I don’t think about the next person because we are all here for the same reason.”

Martinez will want to maintain that strategy as he has drawn Reigning World Champion Mick Fanning in the next round.

“It’s going to be a good one,” Fanning said of his match-up with Martinez. “Bobby has been surfing great and he looking really good on his feet so it’s going to be a fun one. I’m pumped.”

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Local Surf News March 14, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

As predicted, winds have kicked up starting warm and then bringing in chilly air from the north. In addition to mangling up a promising 20s west swell, they set at least one boat adrift that was moored near Stearns Wharf. Sadly, search and rescue operations are currently underway for the owner of the boat who tried to intercept it near Padaro Lane.

High School Surf News
Local high school surfers continue to blow up the news, with NoozHawk running a story this week by JP Garcia about SBHS's excellent results at least weekends ISF and NSAA contests. JP Garcia is involved with both Gold Coast Groms and Santa Barbara Seals. In other press, the schools' newspaper, The Forge, covers the the SBHS club/team (which has just received official 'school club' status) from an inside angle. Results below from the ISF competition copied from JP's NoozHawk article:

Men's Short Board
2nd Place Shane Orr
3rd Place Antoine Allain

Women's Short Board
2nd Cory Radis
4th Glennie Rogers
6th Chelsea Zaniboni

Women's Long Board
1st Chelsea Zaniboni
2nd Glenie Rogers
4th Elle Iverson

Men's Long Board
4th Tyler Millhollin
5th Shane Orr
6th Shayne Millhollin

Body Board
3rd Willy Radis
4th Tristan Cronshaw
5th Antoine Allain

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Contest Updates: UCSB Claims State, Rincon Classic Goes, More...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

UCSB State Champions
UCSB came in first place in the College State Championships this past weekend, with a narrow victory over SDSU. This gives UCSB the State crown and gives them a solid seed at Nationals to be held June 18-21. The only story we can find on their victory is a Transworld article centered on Cal State San Marcos. UPDATE: NSSA has posted a writeup and results. Matt Johnson continues to build on his success with a solid showing. The results of local interest:

10. UCSB-B

3. Matt Johnson-UCSB 9.66
5. Charles McMahon-UCSB 9.17

5. Corey Hartwyk-UCSB 8.00

Local Schools At States
The NSAA hasn't put up the results yet, but unofficial word is that both SBHS and Carpinteria High School have advanced to Nationals. Update: The NSSA results are up, and local highlights are below. It now makes sense why you don't see Parker or Kokoro's names in the victory column at the Rincon Classic, they were leading their Carpinteria schools down south. All three teams qualified for nationals in June with Carp High earning some temporary bragging rights over Santa Barbara High.

7. Carpinteria 53
10. Santa Barbara 27

4. Kokoro Tomatsuri-Carpinteria 10.00

6. Rachel Harris-Carpinteria 6.00

6. Carpinteria

2. Parker Coffin-Carpinteria 12.00

Rincon Classic
The Rincon Classic was held the same weekend, making some kids have to make a choice between events. Jon Shafer at Rincon Surf Blog has posted the results with commentary and a lot of great photos (direct link here.) Adam Lambert, Demi Boelsterli, and Conner Coffin continue to be big names at the Classic. (Photo Credit: Demi Boelsterli by Jon Shafer, Rincon Surf Blog)

Cory Arrambide
You don't see Cory A's name in the list of Rincon Classic winners because he was busy on the East Coast winning the Sebastian Inlet Pro Jr. contest.

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UCSB Surf Team Claims Conference, SBHS, CHS, CJHS Go To State

Friday, March 07, 2008

On the weekend of February 9 and 10, UCSB won the 4th and final NSAA contest of the year. This was UCSB's 3rd victory of the season, only a third place finish in event #3 stopped them from sweeping the whole year. This victory gave UCSB the Conference Team Title, although the State Championships are due to be held this weekend in San Onofre. Results of this event are further below.

Besides the UCSB Surf Team competing at the State Championships this weekend, we have Santa Barbara High School, Carpinteria High School, and Carpinteria Junior High School. A 10th or better (out of 12) gives the high schools an invite to Nationals, while CJHS needs to get 8th (out of 10) for nationals. Hopefully we'll get ahold of some results after Sunday unless some helpful NSSA families key us in.

Southwest College Event #4 Results of Local Interest


2. Jon Mangiagli-UCSB A
5. Colin Anderson-UCSB A

2. Lipoa Kahaleuahi-UCSB A

5. Cory Hartwyk-UCSB A

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March 6 Surf News: Rincon Classic On

Thursday, March 06, 2008

2008 Rincon Classic
The Rincon Classic is scheduled to go down this weekend March 8 and 9. Info from an earlier post stays the same with the dates moved to this Saturday and Sunday (also note that the Hugs for Cubs benefit was already held.) Some info about the trophies was sent in :
Gill Kaufman created the 2nd place, 4th place, and 6th place trophies, as well as art work / sculpture's for the silent auction and also created creating the doorway that allowed aubrey and Robert to paint the plates @ Color me mine in Goleta Gill has been providing handmade ceramic trophies for keet's contest for the past 12 years.

Costa Rica Vacation House
Longtime friend of Santa Barbara Surfing known as IanI in SBS surf reports has recently opened up his Costa Rica house, The Double I, to the vacationing public. We're highlighting it to the right of the site in an effort to repay a guy who's had his share of waves stolen by pope. It's in Nosara on the Guanacaste Peninsula a few minutes walk from the Guiones surf spot.

WCT Contest Results
The first event of the 2008 Tour was completed along the Gold Coast, but sadly no Ventura nor Santa Barbara County surfers advanced past Round 3. Santa Barbaran Bobby Martinez was knocked out by"the next Slater", rookie Jordy Smith. Two years ago it was rookie Bobby Martinez knocking stalwarts out of events, so now its a new highly regarded rookie unseating Bobby in the first event. Ventura's Dane Reynolds also exited in Round 3. Hopefully our Tri-County surfers can advance further in the next event starting March 18th.

Goleta Surfing Photos
Tom has some photos up from a few weeks ago over here which has some good photos of Surf Country Doug and his consistently barking dog Sandy keeping tabs on her favorite rock perch. Tom keeps a nice running dialog in his photos essays, somewhat reminiscent of a Bruce Brown flick.

Goleta Surf Photos
Adam at Goleta Surf has some water shots up from a playful session along the Gaviota Coast a few days ago. Gallery here.

Newsprint Links
The Daily Nexus has an entertaining take on the End of the Surfers Winter, and the Independent has an informative story on the history of Barfoot.

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