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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bobby Martinez Leaves Channel Islands
Has the attrition already began at Channel Islands surfboards after the Burton buyout? One could think that after Bobby Martinez left CI to surf for DHD Surfboards. This news became official on April 9th. Bobby wasn't surfing his CI boards at the Bells Beach contest and his name is long gone form the CI team riders page. Other surfers of note riding DHD is current World Champion Mick Fanning.

Locals at Lowers Pro
The 6 star WQS event at Lowers is going on now, with a lot of Santa Barbara County talent still in the running. Here is the current breakdown with Round 3 just starting.

Round 1 Heats
Peter Mussio placed 1st to advance
Colin Schildhauer placed 2nd to advance
Adam Lambert placed 2nd to advance

Round 2 Heats
Peter Mussio placed 2nd to advance
Colin Schildhauer placed 1st to advance
Adam Lambert placed 4th to get knocked out
Bobby Morris placed 1st to advance

Round 3 Heats
Cory Arrambide: Surfs in Round 3
Colin Schildhauer
Bobby Morris
Peter Mussio

Round 4 Heats
Tyler Anderson: surfs in Round 4

SBHS at ISF State Championships
JP has a good rundown on the Dons surfing at ISF States. In summary the boys longboard placed 2nd, girls shortboard and longboard placed 3rd. This is a great showing for a Santa Barbara County team to go down to the ultra competitive SoCal region and score well. Here is the rundown on the surfers, big props to them:

Boys' Longboard: Shane Orr, Gabe Biancone and Willy Radis

Girls' Longboard: Chelsea Zaniboni, Glennie Rodgers and Elle Iverson

Girls' Shortboard: Cory Radis, Glennie Rodgers and Chelsea Zaniboni

Boys' Shortboard: Shane Orr, Gabe Biancone, Tristan Cronshaw, Emmery Hickenbockum, Antoine Allain, John Outwater, Bryce Lupolli, Willy Radis and Christian Soulages

Body Board: Tristan Cronshaw, Austin "Gibby" Gibson and Ryan Cook

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Local Surf News: NSSA, Earth Day, Sand

Friday, April 18, 2008

Note: Santa Barbara Surfing will be traveling to warmer waters next week and won't be back and updating until April 29th.

Your Local Sand Update
This is pope checking in at 9am for your sand update sponsored by Santa Barbara Surfing. Up in Goleta at Campus Point the sand has come back in record time, burying the slippery bedrock and cobbles. It is now possible to walk to the point on sand and a little bar has formed straight out to attract the wide swingers. Deveruax has also instantly added a ton of sand as well as around the corner at Sands. Sands still has some ways to go to offer A Frames, but it is starting the foundation. After the big Feb 25 swell and devil winds that stirred up havoc in late March/early April these beaches were devoid of sand. Further down the coast Rincon still has a stable of cobblestones lining the point to setup some epic long knee to waist high rides. However this all may change as there was a dude down there on Sunday loading up as many cobbles as he could into his truck for home improvement projects. How long until we declare the cobblestones at Rincon Endangered Species and rally to protect them from reckless poachers?

One Winter Story
One Winter Story shows tonight (we hear 6:00 or 6:30) at the Marjorie Luke Theater for $12. The film follows Sarah Gerhardt and her surfing at Mavericks. The Independent has a review of the film, and we're told this is an inspirational film good to bring the groms to. Also on the subject of film reviews, The Nexus has a review of the film Bra Boys that opened last Friday.

Earth Day Beach Cleanups
Surfrider is sponsoring some beach cleanups this Saturday from 10am to noon.
East Beach: Meet at the entrance to Stearnís Wharf. For more information call Santa Barbara City Creeks, 897-2658.

West Beach: Meet at the west end of the beach closest to the harbor parking lot just off the bike path. For more information call Channelkeeper at 563-3377.

Ledbetter, Miramar, or Hendryís Beach: For more information, call SB Surfrider at 245-9930.

Isla Vista Beach (Camino Majorica and Del Playa) Contact UCSB Coastal Fund

E. Storke Wetland: Meet at the parking lot north of the Storke soccer fields. For more information, please call Project Clean Water at 568-3546.

Devereux Slough: Meet where Devereux Creek crosses under Phelps Road in Goleta. For more information, please call Project Clean Water at 568-3546.

NSSA and ISF Update
ISF High School States is being held in Oceanside this weekend. Of the 24 high schools competing, SBHS is the #1 seed and gets a first round bye.

In the NSSA we've got the list of 2008 champions for Gold Coast Explorer and Northwest Open. We also have the results of local surfers from two weekends ago in Pismo Beach. The local talent is filtered below:

Mens: Kokoro Tomatsuri (Summerland)
Juniors: Kokoro Tomaturi (Summerland)
Boys: Parker Coffin (Santa Barbara)
Menehuene: Parker Coffin (Santa Barbara)
Womens: Demi Boelsterli (Santa Barbara)
Girls: Lakey Peterson (Santa Barbara)
Masters: Chris Keet (Santa Barbara)

Womens: Demi Boelsterli (Santa Barbara)
Longboard: Samson Anderson Magazino (Santa Barbara)

Congratulations to all the local champions and all those who competed. Below are results from the contests, both held at Pismo Pier for two different conferences:


2. Adam Lambert-Santa Barbara
3. Kokoro Tomatsuri-Summerland
4. Brandon Smith-Santa Barbara
6. Trevor Gordon-Santa Barbara

2. Conner Coffin-Santa Barbara
3. Kokoro Tomatsuri-Summerland
6. Shane Orr-Santa Barbara

1. Parker Coffin-Santa Barbara
2. Conner Coffin-Santa Barbara

1. Parker Coffin-Santa Barbara

1. Demi Boelsterli-Santa Barbara
3. Rachel Harris-Carpenteria
5. Rachel Harris-Carpinteria
6. Lakey Peterson-Santa Barbara

1. Lakey Peterson-Santa Barbara
5. Glennie Rodgers-Santa Barbara

1. John Gardner-Carpinteria
3. Chris Keet-Santa Barbara

6. Matt McAllister-Santa Barbara

3. JP Garcia-Santa Barbara
5. Shayne Millhollin-Santa Barbara


3. Daniel Prichard-Goleta 7.0

1. Frank Curren-Santa Barbara 11.0 tiebreak
4. Pat Curren-Santa Barbara 6.0
5. Decker McAllister-Santa Barbara 5.0

1. Decker McAllister-Santa Barbara 13.0
5. Cousteau Christopher-Santa Barbara 3.5

1. Demi Boelsterli-Santa Barbara 11.0

1. Samson Anderson Magazino-Santa Barbara

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MidWeek Local Update

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Wind
What could usher out an excellent Santa Barbara winter surfing experience than to go straight into our typical winds of spring? Blown out? Check. Cold water? Check. Flat spells? Check. The spring game of finding the wind swell without the wind is on. The Santa Maria Times has a piece about the winds and water temps of late that is worth a read.

Grover Anderson and Justin Ratowsky
Grover Anderson was on KJEE this morning and he'll be playing with Justin Ratowsky tonight at the Sandbar. Grover and Justin are both Isla Vista musicians, if you've surfed Sands or Deveraux much you may have seen Justin riding his bike around while playing guitar.

Bobby Morris profile on Goleta Surfing
If there are a few things this site enjoys, it is the surfing of Goleta boy Yellow Board Bobby, and the photo essays Tom puts up at Goleta Surfing. Tom breaks it on down with a Mini Bio of Bobby Morris, including childhood photos that are sure to get him razed next time he's in the lineup.

One Winter Story
Another great surf movie to check out:
On Friday April 18th, we are screening a fantastic documentary about big-wave pioneer Sarah Gerhardt at the Marjorie Luke Theatre, a fundraiser for Santa Barbara Channelkeeper. There will be live music, featuring Omar Cowan and Jason Campbell and the Drive, there will be a raffle, and the filmmakers will be on hand to do a Q & A afterwards. The show begins at 6:30, tickets are $12 and will be on sale at the door beginning at 6 pm or in advance by calling Channelkeeper at 563-3377.

Bra Boys
The 'Bra Boys' documentary will be showing in Santa Barbara on Friday, April 11th at the Fiesta Five Theater. Bra Boys follows Australian surfers Jai and Koby Abberton during a bizarre murder trial in 2004 which saw Koby serving some time. You can check out the trailer on the Bra Boys site. You can also read about a recent scrape with the law Koby Abberton had in March, and his failure to pay taxes in the Sydney Herald.

Mike Vincelli's Surf Comic Strips
Mike has some good surfing comics up every Monday at Beach Nuts Comics. Our favorite of his is below:

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Local Content For Flat Days

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

SB Surf Grls Documentary
The local womens' surf group which is open to all female surfers, SB Surf Grls, will be the subject of an upcoming documentary. They'll be having a fund raiser this coming Monday where Shaun Tomson among others will be in attendance.

When: Monday, April 7th
From: 5-10:30PM
Where: Stateside, 1114 State Street, Santa Barbara CA, 93101
Free Admittance, Live and electronic music, contest, prizes, celebrity presenters, auction, and much more.

Local Surf Shorts
Morgan has another short video up on Youtube, this one from the quick strike Sunday swell we had at the end of February. Featured is Chris Brown, Darrell Goodrum, Chris Artnz, Spencer Regan, Trevor Gordan, Travers Adler, Max Klett, Tarik Khashoggi, and Brandon Smith. The more we think about that swell, the more we realize how the quickness it came about allowed the locals to enjoy their waves, unlike the December 5 swell that had the Yadin Nicol Aussie Possie, Slater, and tons of other pros invade. The Rincon Surf Blog linked to Andy Hahn who has several local videos to enjoy during our flat spell.

Morgan's Video Embedded:

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