Santa Barbara Surf Guide: Where to Surf
Surfboard and freeway traffic at Rincon, by Rob Gilley
The best time to surf this county is in the winter, and to a lesser extent the fall. Santa Barbara's primary swell source is from storms in the North Pacific that generate waves as they approach the west coast. Spring swells tend to be windswells generated by spring onshores. Summertime is a good time to drive out of the swell shadow of the Channel Islands.

In general, the surf will be smaller the closer one gets to the city of Santa Barbara proper. Waves are always larger around the tip of Point Conception or in Ventura. Having said that, here is a brief overview of surf spots and general regions of the county and adjoining counties:

Remember, when travelling be sure to treat those that you meet with respect. Don't drop in, be friendly, pick up some trash on the beach, and give some waves away.

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